About Us

'The Crochet Bella' is a platform that been established to bring back the essence of 'Handmade' which has been forgotten in this fast running world.It is  an attempt to encourage and promote handcrafted items which carry the warmth of been created with lots of affection and hours of effort.It is an initiative to bring back those times of mom and grand moms who invested days to knit and crochet beautiful dresses for us and yes we felt their love which they passed on through them to us.

In addition to crochet ready products we are collaborated with "Me n Yarns' and 'White Rose' brands so that not only you get  handcrafted end products but if you are a craftier we bring you all possible amenities that you would require to design your project from start to end.We are associated with 'White Rose', a Shiva International Group who provide us beautiful and variety of yarns in beautiful colors to pick a new one each day and and draft our new imaginations..

Oops dis i forgot to introduce myself!!...Hello!! Friends..this is Akanksha Kapoor Tandon , Founder , The Crochet Bella and Me n Yarns.A Crocheter by Passion and an engineer by Profession and a mom of a little angel too :).My skill sets include crocheting , knitting and a little bit of hand embroidery too.The skills passed me in genes from my mother and maternal grandmother.I fall in love with handwork every new day I try a new project and believe me I feel the same madness as you do when I see new yarn stock with me :)

I initially began 'The Crochet Bella' as a passion page on a famous social networking site which soon turned into a part time profession for me when I started getting huge appreciation from my customers and friends.This went on for years but the only thing that bothered me was lack of yarns to experiment with.Whenever I used to visit out of India I used to envy the land for the variety of threads and products they offer for people like us.But thanks to 'White Rose' who made my dream come true and helped me bring new threads to experiment with.I know you have too felt the same as I did so I thought to make it approachable to you as well and started the Initiatiative of 'Me  Yarns'.

Enough of my talks for now..Be in touch and never forget to contact me for any queries you ever have related to any of the products!!


Akanksha Kapoor Tandon

Founder, The Crochet Bella & Me n Yarns