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#1 My first post!!

Love your passion!!

Fall in love with your passion everyday!!

We are very lucky of the few people who get a chance to follow our passion!! In the world surrounded with struggles around, its difficult to give any time to our hobbies.Our responsibilities take over our interest which relaxes our mind and body.Yes! You read it right!!..hobbies contribute a lot to relieve ourselves from our mental exertions and physical stress.The hobbies can range from playing your favourite sports to singing,dancing music and yes it can be from some of the rare skills now a days from crocheting , tatting , stitching or knitting too.

I understand how many of your friends and family members donot relate to these hobbies being stress busters too!! They consider it boring and tiring jobs.But we know how an hour of crocheting or knitting relieves us from our long day stress!!

I remember, after a long day at office and reaching home late night and completing my household task I needed an hour of crochet to relax my mind and have a sound sleep!!

We all have such individual experiences and how from the narrow slots of our busy schedule we take out time to connect with our hobby!!

Would love to hear your story of how you connect to your passion!!

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